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iPhone Games
Fairy Treasure
Fairy Treasure
Bubble Bust!
Bubble Bust
Jewel Bling!
Jewel Bling!
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PC Games
Jewel Charm
Jewel Charm
Fairy Treasure
Fairy Treasure
Billionaire 2
Billionaire 2
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We're Hiring!
We are currently hiring game programmers and game artists to work in Norrköping, Sweden. Please see the open positions here.

Welcome to GameOn
Our fun and addictive games are played and enjoyed by millions of people around the world! Why not join them, too - you can download and play all of our trial games for free!

  GAME ON! =)

About the Company
GameOn was founded in 1998 to create high quality games for the downloadable and casual games markets. Today we have a portfolio of more than ten popular games for the PC, Mac, Online and Mobile platforms.

Our goal is to develop small, polished, high quality games focused on gameplay and high entertainment value. All games must be totally non-violent and easy to learn and play. The fact that we have a lot of fun creating games means that the games are made with a twinkle in the eye! ;-)

Contact Information

Physical office address
  GOES International AB
Repslagaregatan 15
SE-602 25 Norrkoping
General Questions
info (at)
Technical Support
support (at)
Sales Contact
sales (at)

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