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  The exciting successor to Bubble Bust! is finally here!
Bubble Bust! - Popping Planets
Get ready for some
bubbleicious bubble
popping fun!
 • Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad
 • Requires iOS 6.0+
 • Compatible with Android devices
 • Requires Android 2.3+

Bubble Bust! - Popping Planets!
Bubble Bust! Popping Planets is the exciting successor to the popular bubble shooter game Bubble Bust! - loved by tens of millions of players!

With five new exciting Popping Planets to explore and more than 150 free levels you will have tons of fun! Fireballs, Bumpers and other powerful new boosters will help you defeat the 20+ bosses and other great challenges!

Easy and fun gameplay – Tap where you want to shoot bubbles, make clever combinations and find the hidden key to finish the level! 

Many different types of bubbles will help and hinder you on your way to success – can you master them all?

Key Features
5 exciting Popping Planets to explore
150 free levels of bubble popping fun
21 challenging bosses
30+ achievements to unlock
Tons of different bubbles to discover
Powerful new boosters
Realistic game physics
Accurate controls, with two ways to shoot
Three star ranking system
Excellent replay value
and much much more...


  Bubble Bust! Screenshot 1   Bubble Bust! Screenshot 2   Bubble Bust! Screenshot 3  
  Bubble Bust! Screenshot 7   Bubble Bust! Screenshot 8  
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