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Jewel Bling!
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 • Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad
 • Requires iPhone OS 3.0

Featured worldwide by Apple in New & Noteworthy games!

- "Amazing! I loooooove this game. It's very fun and addicting - I couldn't put it down for the life of me!"

- "Great game. Very nice and original puzzle game. I love it!"


Jewel Bling!   Popular Game!
Take on the fun challenge and make the jewels bling!

Jewel Bling is a unique puzzle game that combines the challenge of classic Pentomino games with the fun of sliding block puzzles.

Solve puzzles by putting together all jewel pieces within the given puzzle shape. If you get stuck you can always ask for a hint or even let your iPhone/iPod touch solve the puzzle for you.

There are 104 handcrafted puzzles to choose from, with three difficulty levels. And as the game tracks your personal best moves and lets you earn silver and gold stars for each puzzle, you always have a new record to beat and gold stars to collect!

It’s so addictive, you'll keep telling yourself "just ONE more..." :)

Beautiful high resolution Retina graphics
Unique and addictive gameplay
104 challenging and fun puzzles
Three different difficulty levels to enjoy
Global high scores
Tracks personal records for each puzzle
Three star ranking system
Excellent replay value
Clever hint system
Let your iPhone/iPod touch solve the puzzle
Unlimited undo and much more!
  Jewel Bling! Screenshot 1   Jewel Bling! Screenshot 2   Jewel Bling! Screenshot 3  
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